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About Us

Bodypower Fitness Centre is registered with Registrar of Business (ROB) in October 1998.

At the moment, we only provide aerobic classes for women only.

But - good news for men - we are planning to open the aerobic classes for men also, most probably by June 2006.  We will announce it when the time comes.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Our Instructors

YM Tengku Norihan
YM Tengku Norihan
Our leading instructor is YM Tengku Norihan.  She is the owner and the manager of Bodypower Fitness Centre.

Education Background:
  • Bachelor (Hons) Soc. Science
  • Diploma in Physical Education (CAHPER)
  • Certificate in Creative Choreography (DSWF)
  • Certificate in Super Step (DSWF)
  • Certificate in Personal Trainer (DSWF)
  • Certificate in Aerobic (ACE)
  • Certificate in Aerobic (AFAA)
Skill Summary:

  • Organiser for National Aerobic Championship in USM, Penang (1990-1996)
  • Coach for USM Penang Team (1990-1996) For Aerobic Championship (Champion Year 1990-1996)
  • Aerobic coach for Police George Town, Penang (1993)
  • Aerobic coach for LADA (Langkawi Development Authority), Kedah (1996)
  • Judge for MBI (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) Open Aerobic Competition (1994)
  • Judge for JBS Kedah Open Aerobic Competition (1994)
  • Judge for Sarawak Open Aerobic Competition (1996)
  • Judge for Malacca Open Sport Aerobic Competition (1999)
  • Speaker for Aerobic Instructor Course, East Coast Zone in Terengganu (2000)
  • Speaker for Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd Motivational Camp (1992)
  • Coach for Yayasan Pelajaran MARA Motivational Camp (1993)
  • Speaker for Management School, USM Penang (1993)
  • Speaker for Asia Vance Far East Sdn Bhd Motivational Camp (1994)
  • Head Judge for Pahang Open Aerobic Competition (2003)
  • Organiser, Speaker and Coach for Persatuan Senamrobik Kelantan Aerobic Instructor Course (1999-2004)
  • Judge for National Open Aerofit Challenge 2004 (Organised by Women's Sports And Fitness Foundation Malaysia)
  • Masterclass Presenter for National Masterclass 2004 (Organised by University Tenaga Nasional, Bangi, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Head Judge for 3rd National Open Aerofit Challenge 2006

Professional Development:

  • National Train for Trainer Physical Fitness (1988)
  • National Mass Aerobic by University Putra Malaysia (1988)
  • National Train for Trainer Aerobic Instructor Course (1992)
  • International Sport Aerobic Coaches and Judges by Persekutuan Gymnastic Malaysia (1996)
  • Sport Aerobic Base Coaches Course by Federation International Gymnastic and Course Sport Ministry (2000)
  • International Intensive Course in Sport Science by University Science Malaysia (2000)
  • Reebok Asia Innovasic 1997 Fitness Convention by Reebok University
  • Reebok Innovasic 1999 Asian Fitness Convention by Reebok University
  • The Resolution 2001 by Reebok University
  • Reebok Resolution 2004 by Reebok University
  • 28th International Convention (Physical Education ASE 1990)
  • Sport and Massage by Youth and Sport Ministry 2003
  • Convention Sport All by University Malaya 1993
  • Aerobic Master Class with Micheal Dean by Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation 2000
  • Aerobic Master Class with Norma Holm & Micheal Dean by Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation 2001


Our supporting instructors are:

Our instructor                                            Our instructor
Nore Naif                                                                   Marina

Our instructor                                            Our instructor
Nadzri                                                                        Sarina

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